a filmed time capsule  

The family film experiEnce

Honest, heartwarming films to capture your life, right now.

bottled up moments captured artistically through movement, sound, light & love.

A way to remind you of the days you never want to forget. We have the ability to press pause for future generations. 

relive your most precious moments

These films are a way to press pause and relive those precious days that are fading so quickly. They are a way for your children to remember you, and for you to always remember the sound of their sweet little voice or how they laugh. A way for them to see just how much you adore them.

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- The Egerton Family

"The film is wonderful and a true treasure to give to our girls when they get older. Seeing our home and a glimpse of our daily life captured so magically is truly something special. She made the filming such an easy process for us and in many ways the finished piece is better than some of the curated moments we have in still photos. We absolutely love it." 

the love letter film

The film we create together will become a cherished family keepsake and a beautiful way to relive your most meaningful memories.

The love letter films featured are an opportunity to narrate a letter to your children or loved one. These films are about finding the beauty in the simple little moments in your lives.


Filmed keepsakes that will encapsulate all the little moments you never want to forget about this unique chapter in your lives.

Let's press pause together