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Mother, Artist, designer & legacy preserver

My work is always inspired from my own journey as a mother

When I welcomed my first child, I felt overwhelmed by how quickly the days were passing and how much life was changing. I wanted to bottle it all up and slow down time. Through my own journey and the challenges I experienced with preserving each stage, I created a brand that embodies all the elements I wish I had through those early years of motherhood.

I now have the privilege of capturing and preserving this journey for other mothers and families. I strive to give you memories that elicit feelings of joy and nostalgia bringing you back to a particular moment in time.

Ensuring every client gets the customized experience they deserve is very important to me, as a result, I only take on a limited number of sessions each year. I'm based in Orange County and travel to a handful of destination clients a year, including internationally.

I believe every mother should have meaningful tangible ways to look back and reminisce on these fleeting days. 

I would love to learn about your needs and give you an experience to remember. The first step in my process is to inquire. 

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as a mother, I know how important it is to preserve these moments

It's my desire to create a stress free and memorable experience

I'm here to take CARE OF YOU from beginning to end

I value authenticity, organic connection, and meaningful ways to look back on these days.

Ensuring every client gets the customized experience they deserve is very important to me. 

I guide you through every step from offering a client wardrobe to choosing the perfect location & designing your artwork.




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One day, there will be no way to capture them a little more or savor the moment a little longer, the only thing you will have is what you preserved today

We are eternally grateful for your talent, services and passion for what you do. Being able to document and preserve this past year has been one of the best decisions we’ve ever made.

Andrea Maizel

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